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Money Back Guarantee

Shop with peace of mind, your purchase is protected by CarDirectly. No need to worry about not receiving the car after payment.
CarDirectly holds your money until your ordered vehicle is shipped. If seller fails to ship the car, you can get the full refund from CarDirectly.

Vehicle Info Check Service

Reduce the risk of receiving a different vehicle. The service ensure the vehicle you ordered is same as advertise. If the difference is found and you do not tolerate difference, you may cancel the transaction and get your money back.

How can i apply this service?

You can only apply for "Vehicle Info Check" at the time of placing the order.

Can I cancel my order if the vehicle is found to be different from the one ordered?

If any discrepancy is found by Vehicle Info Check, the buyer can claim cancellation of order within 4 business days from the day check result show on.
If there is no cancellation request from you, we considered that you have accepted the discrepancy result and seller will be able to continue with the transaction.

Logistic Services

No need to worry about complicated importing procedures. Logistics services for easy clearing and registration process, it ease customers buying procedure by introducing local clearing and forwarding companies with discount.

Money Back Guarantee and Vehicle Info Check service will only be provided for transactions made through CarDirectly system. In order to use the Car Info Check and the Logistic service, one must apply at the time of the order.
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